What to Take Into Account when Using Essential Oils?

Essential oils have multiple properties and therefore multiple uses in health, beauty and home. To ward off insomnia, improve acne and even to eradicate lice. You have to discover what these faulted plant extracts can do for you. Some organic essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore should not be applied directly to the skin. To use them it is necessary to dilute them in other types of oils called carrier oils. The carrier oils are pure vegetable oils, obtained by cold pressing, filtered and without additives that favour the penetration of the essences and their benefits.

Benefits of organic essential oils

To get rid of acne use tea tree oil to wash your face, prepare a mixture of oil with honey, apply to the front and rinse with plenty of water. Incense essential oil three times a day directly on the skin to improve sunspots and ageing spots. Mix two drops of tea tree oil with two drops of oil without fragrance and apply directly on the ampoule up to five times a day. Mix coconut oil, magnesium oil and essential oils to moisturize the skin. Use a drop of peppermint essential oil to fresh en your breath naturally. Use lavender oil for bites and insect bites, apply directly to the taste. Mix lavender essential oil with Aloe Vera to treat burns.

Five drops of grape fruit seed essential oil mixed with two teaspoons of coconut oil, applied in the dimpled area and massage.Mix five drops of essential oils of rosemary and lavender with three tablespoons of some unscented carrier oil such as jojoba oil. Apply to the scalp, massage, leave on for 10 minutes and then remove the mixture by washing with shampoo.Combine coconut oil, beeswax and your favourite essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil for female deodorant.The male deodorant is achieved by combining coconut oil, wax and essential oils of Cedar wood and cloves.

Lavender: cures burns, cuts, rashes, bites, reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep. 

Mint: improves muscle and joint pain, relieves digestive problems and reduces fever.

Incense: reduces inflammation, heals bruises, reduces scars, increases immunity and promotes emotional well-being.

Tea tree:it has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Can be used to prevent and reduce infections and cleans the air of pathogens and allergens.

Conclusion: where to get?

If you need the best quality organic essential oil for your physical need, you should consider the fact that the oil should be of 100%premium quality. Various sites offer trusted brands, but most of them are selling synthetic products under organic level. Confused? Well, you don’t have to be. Awaken My Senses offers selection of the very finest organic and wild crafted essential oils. You will not only see the difference, but you can feel the essence from the inside.