The Benefits of an Open-Bore MRI

Being sent to get MRI scanning done can make a few patients nervous and is impossible for obese patients in a traditional bore machine. An open-bore MRI machine widens the availability of these services to many patients that might not otherwise get the imaging done.

What is an open-bore MRI machine?

An open MRI machine is one that provides an equal amount of imaging capability without the closed in feel of a cylindrical bore model. It offers comfort and added flexibility to getting the needed imaging results for all patients. Scheduling your imaging at a comprehensive location like Edison Radiology Imaging Centers provide services that are beneficial for most patients.

Helping Children Feel Comfortable

Offering a more open environment with MRI equipment is one way that children are guaranteed to feel more comfortable and at ease. The MRI process can seem a little scary to younger children. An open-bore MRI allows for a parent or guardian to stand by the child as the procedure is done. It helps them feel safe and comforted and reducing overall anxiety levels.

Better Views of Difficult to See Areas

Ankles, knees, and wrists can prove difficult to get a good image of with traditional bore MRI machines. The expansive area provided with the open machine gives the radiology more flexibility in getting the best images possible. It goes a long way towards helping the doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

Ability to Accommodate Bariatric and Obese Patients

Bariatric and obese patients are not able to fit inside the limited space of a bore-style MRI machine. An open MRI can accommodate a patient up to 650 pounds. It opens up the opportunity for increased numbers of patients to get needed imaging procedures done comfortably.

The Answer for Claustrophobia

Patients that have a real fear of enclosed spaces and experience high levels of anxiety from claustrophobia prefer the freedom of the open MRI machine. It makes the procedure quick and the patient can get back to more enjoyable activities.

The beneficial quality of MRI images allows the doctor a literal view of what might be going on when a patient is injured or ill. Using an open MRI machine is one way to get this needed testing done without some of the drawbacks to the standard bore machine. Visit Woodbridge radiology