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Coping Mechanisms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Almost 10% of the females in the age of childbearing suffer from a disease known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The condition is associated with tiny cysts implanting on the ovaries and constantly releasing hormones. It is hard to tell when a person has this disease because there are no exterior signs on the female body. Nonetheless, there are those women who portray some visible signs of obesity and male line growth of hair.Besides all the visible symptoms, PCOS makes women vulnerable to diseases like endometrial cancer, diabetes, and ovarian cancer. There are some things that the PCOS patients can do to manage the sickness, mostly using dietary and lifestyle habits.Below are some of these ways.

When someone suffers from PCOS, their body will be unable to regulate the sugar levels in the body. The role of insulin in the body is controlling the amounts of blood sugar. When the body cannot produce enough insulin, there will be a struggle in maintaining sugar levels in blood. One of the methods of ensuring this struggle does not happen by not consuming carbohydrates and refined foods. Because you will have to reduce intake carbohydrates, you will have to increase your levels of proteins and vegetables.Protein Powders are also very good since they will give the protein levels a big boost. It is also recommended that you eat foods with high amounts of fiber to bring down the insulin resistance. This fiber will help in the digestion process since it will make the sugar have less harm to blood. Beans, lentils and sweet potatoes are some of the foods rich in fiber.

You must bring down the intake of sugary foods and carbohydrates since they are not good for the insulin levels. Other than interfering with the sugar levels in your body, the body can get inflamed greatly due to these products.Most of the foods with high carbohydrates have low fiber content and less nutritional value. One has to be smart enough to make the right lifestyle choices more so when they suffer from PCOS. The symptoms of the disease are highly reduced when one becomes physically active.For example, working out can aid in losing weight which is an efficient method of controlling the resistance of insulin.There are other women who find techniques of reducing stress like mindfulness and yoga very helpful since they bring down the stress associated with the illness.These tips are very handy for people who have this illness or their relatives as it helps combat the harsh symptoms.