Is A Weed Vape A Good Investment For You?

You’d have to live under a rock, or at least not go on the internet very often anyhow, to not be aware of this recent trend of vaporizing cannabis. Smoking the dry flowers of the cannabis sativa plant is how people have enjoyed the psychoactive effects of THC for millennia, but in the past decade, there has been some serious progress in the development of a healthier alternative to this method of consumption. A weed vape is a device that can be big or small, desktop format or portable, that can heat either dry herbs or concentrates like wax or shatter to precise temperatures that render the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids inside to relatively harmless water vapor. Vaporizing in general was first studied and experimented with in regards to the medicinal world of marijuana, but as the technology has improved and become more accessible to the everyday consumer, even recreational users are finding good reason to make the switch from combustion to vaporizing. Still, vaping isn’t for everybody and obviously due to human diversity, not everyone will enjoy it. So how can you know if a weed vape is a wise investment for you? Ask yourself a couple questions.

    Why Do You Smoke?

    Do you smoke for the most potent high to unwind after a long day of work? Do you smoke out of habit but dislike cigarettes? Is it to treat pain or anxiety or any other number of disorders? I’ve seen plenty of friends say that they want to take better care of their health, so they go and buy a fancy vape, and then end up using it maybe once a month simply because they don’t actually enjoy using it as much as they enjoy smoking a joint. Be honest with yourself, that’s all.

    Do You Have Self Control?

    It’s easy to use less weed at one time with a weed vape, but it’s also easy to load chamber after chamber and use it all day long because of how simple and discreet it is compared to smoking. You also need to ask yourself if you’re likely to abuse it all day long if you’re able to, and how much will you might need to resist doing so. If this isn’t a problem for you, then chances are you will definitely save money in the long run since vaping generally uses up way less weed.