How to warm up for field hockey

In any sport, warming up is essential, as it increases your heart rate and oxygenates your muscles. Your body relies on the oxygen to nourish itself while exercising and an increased temperature helps to loosen up your body and avoid strains and sprains.

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This guide will tell you a little more about how you can warm up for hockey, especially if you are new to the game – You should warm up before any activity, even if you are simply playing practice games, or running a few field hockey drills.

Get moving

Start your warm up with a brisk walk that turns into a jog, then a short run. The idea is not to run yourself ragged and become exhausted but to get your heart rate up, increase your body temperature and release adrenaline into your blood stream.


The next step in your warm up is to stretch your muscles out using a series of calisthenics. These exercises also serve to improve motor skills, your agility and balance, and your overall fitness too. Lunges, squats, high kicks, jumping jacks and sit-ups are just some of the few calisthenics exercises that are a great addition to any warm up. The more you stretch, the better equipped your body will be to deal with whatever comes its way, and gentle stretching is essential to any warm up as it also helps to prevent injury.

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Run drills

field hockey drills are set, structured plans that can be used for warm ups too. If you start off slow and work your way up to an increased pace these drills can be an excellent warm up. They may involve ball skills too, so you can improve your hockey skills while increasing your core temperature and getting your blood pumping to your muscles.

Create a routine

As warming up is such an essential part of field hockey it’s a great idea to create a routine. You can complete your warm up in a set way each time, or you can opt for a few different routines to make things varied. Whichever option you choose, you need to ensure that your warm up always includes a brisk jog and plenty of stretching, and that you put in enough effort to get your blood pumping, but don’t over exert yourself.