Different Types Of Water Purifier And It’s Usabilities

The water purifier is a system that purifies the contaminated water by eliminating undesirable chemicals, solid particles, poisonous gases, and biological elements from the water. The main motive to purchase a water purifier is to produce safe water which is fit for drinking. Purify water is not only needed for drinking purpose but also in different places like medical, industrial, chemical, and pharmacological. There are different types of water purification methods that include physical processes, biological processes, and chemical processes. Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation are involved in the physical processes. Slow and sand filter or active carbon method come into the biological process. Flocculation and chlorination come under chemical processes, and ultraviolet radiation is included in the electromagnetic process. Water purification method can remove the suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi as well as decrease the concentration at a specific range of dissolved matter.

Different Types Of The Water Purification Unit

It is essential to know about a few things about water purifier before buying it. What kind of water purifier you need to buy it depends on the contamination level, hardness and the metal particles present in the water. There are various types of water purifier available in the market. There are a few different types of water purifier, depending on the water purification processes.

·   Reverse Osmosis (RO)

·   Ultraviolet (UV)

·   UltraFilterartion (UF)

·   Activated Carbon

·   Sediment Filter

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

If you are looking for a good water purification system, then you should go for the RO plant for a home. It is one of the best water purifiers that can not only remove unwanted elements from the water but also develop the taste of the water. The semipermeable membrane is used in the RO water purifier to purify the water. Generally, the water is passed through the RO membrane, and a water pump is fitted there, to pressurize the raw water for passing through the membrane. At the time of the water purification the dissolved unwanted solid particles like arsenic, lead, nitrates, fluoride, sulfates, chlorine stuck in the layer and by this, the water is purified.

Reverse Osmosis is the most efficient water purifier to purify salt and hard water that have dissolved gases, solids, and various chemicals. RO purifier is most proficient at eliminating metal particles like fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, and sulfates. If you have this domestic RO plant, then you can get safe and purified drinking water.

There are two different types of RO water purifier. Those are tabletop or wall-mounted RO water purifier and under-counter or under-sink RO water purifier.

The wall-mounted water purifier is specially mounted on the kitchen table or the wall and under-sink water purifier fitted under the kitchen sink.

Various Advantages Of RO Water Purifier

·   The primary purpose of using an RO purifier is to remove the dissolved solids, fluoride, metal particles like arsenic and lead. Moreover, RO purifier can remove some waterborne disease that is caused by microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. The most important advantage is that it germs and dead bodies are flushed out from the water.

·   While removing the unwanted contaminants, RO water purifier also improves the taste of the water and remove the bad smell of it.

·   The maintenance cost is moderate. So, it can be easily maintained.

Ultraviolet Water Purifier

It is one of the latest technology-based water purifiers that are available in the shops or online. This water purifier is capable of killing microorganism and pathogens like bacteria, cysts, which cause waterborne diseases. It is an environment-friendly water purifier which does not use any chemical at the time of the water purification process. This type of water purifier has a UV lamp tube, and water is passed through this tube during the purification process. When the water passes through the UV lamp tube, it exposed to ultraviolet light. By this process, all the virus and bacterias are killed. But the dead bodies of the unwanted germs and viruses remain in the water, but it is harmful.

The UV water purifier is perfect for purification the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) water like river water and lake water. It is not capable of purifying hard water that has a high TDS level. The UV water purifier can not eliminate chemicals from the water like UF water purifier.

Various Advantages of UV Water Purifier

·   You need to change the UV lamp when it stops working. So the maintenance cost is a bit low as you have to invest once in a year.

·   Within a minute it can purify 2 to 4 liters of water.

·   The energy consumption of UV water purifier is very low. It uses electricity in that amount which is used by an electric bulb.

·   You do not have to clean this purifier regularly. If you have a storage tank, then it only needs cleaning twice in a week, and if the storage tank is not there, then it takes almost no manual cleansing.