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My experience of Hirsutism hair treatment at Richfeel

For a young woman like me, excessive hair growth on unwanted areas on the body is one of the most stressful points of the life. Since I hit puberty, this excessive hair growth was consistent and I became a laughing stock at school. I was depressed and become an introvert. There was a time when I loved to spend time with my classmates but after being affected with Hirsutism I only wanted to reach home as soon as school was over.

I heard reviews about Richfeel’s hair treatment from a friend and visiting the doctors at Richfeel for a hair treatment consult was by far the best decision of my life. It has practically changed my whole viewpoint about life. The hair expert doctors at the institute are very helpful and understanding. I was amazed to see how far the technology has come in terms of problems related to hair, …