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What to Take Into Account when Using Essential Oils?

Essential oils have multiple properties and therefore multiple uses in health, beauty and home. To ward off insomnia, improve acne and even to eradicate lice. You have to discover what these faulted plant extracts can do for you. Some organic essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore should not be applied directly to the skin. To use them it is necessary to dilute them in other types of oils called carrier oils. The carrier oils are pure vegetable oils, obtained by cold pressing, filtered and without additives that favour the penetration of the essences and their benefits.

Benefits of organic essential oils

To get rid of acne use tea tree oil to wash your face, prepare a mixture of oil with honey, apply to the front and rinse with plenty of water. Incense essential oil three times a day directly on the skin to improve sunspots and ageing spots. Mix …