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How to Quit Drinking

It is already a step forward for a drunkard to even think of quitting his drinking addiction. Your acceptance or denial or your dependence on alcohol plays a very important role in wanting to renounce it or not.

There are two things we can gather from the word addiction. It can mean a behavioral abuse or a pathetic alcoholic. You are an alcohol abuser if you keep on drinking alcohol with the full knowledge of your neglect of responsibilities at home or work, and despite the problems it is causing your relationships. This is most commonly known behavioral addiction in the United State among adults and ages eighteen and older.

You are a pathetic alcoholic if it is a state of mind to want to drink, that is, drinking even if you don’t intend to or drinking more than you intend to. This type of addiction is considered by many experts to be a chronic, or lifelong disease. If you are not any of the above, then you can take steps now to stop drinking. Seeing a doctor or contacting a support group should be your first step. While some people can stop drinking on their own, others need medical help to manage the physical process of withdrawal.

There is no help aside from having a right mindset. And since your case is behavioral, contrast your reason for drinking with a list of reasons why you want to cut it down or stop drinking. If you want to always be reminded of this, look for a place where you can post it and see it often. Sharing your plan to quit with others will give you further help. If you somehow fail in your plans, they will be there to remind you of what you said you would do.

Sometimes we fail after succeeding for a time, but this should not discourage us or make us lose hope, but this should motivate us to wage a fiercer war on this addiction always reminding yourself of the reasons why you have decided to quit and the benefits you can gain through it. Those who try to stop their addiction sometimes fall again and again. Always remind yourself of the reasons why you wanted to quit in the first place and use it to help yourself start again. Then continue with that behavior. Everyone understands that changing a habit takes a lot of will to despite the knowledge that it will be for your own best interest and good. And the more you practice this new behavior, then it will soon become a new habit.

Materially, you should try to avoid the crowd that entices you to use alcohol, and you might need to look for new friends of change your lifestyle so your focus will be mainly on your goal. Attending a self-help group can help bolster your determination.