9 Warning Signs That You Have Early Signs Of Aging

Aging is a natural process of the human life cycle, and it comes with undesirable effects. There are anti-aging creams that slow the early signs of aging. These effects appear as facial or body signs like a sunken face, chronic joint pains, frailed skin tissues, grey hair and more. However, as you age there are warning signs that appear earlier than expected. Even the slightest of them could lead to depression, insomnia and loss of confidence because of your appearance.

It’s not abnormal to seek a doctor’s advice in determining the cause of early signs of aging. Although some signs come with the process of normal aging; yet, others are triggers of bad healthy lifestyle practices. Smoking, the use of stimulants and excessive consumption of alcohol are triggers of aging effects.

  • Midsection Fat

The increase of body fat around the midsection of your body comes with the process of aging. However, there are accompanying signs like muscles contraction around the tight and lean bones. It’s common for women to experience a poor rate of metabolism and joint pains. For those with excessive weight, it might lead to weak bones and joints because of the pressure on them. Usually, the midsection part of the body increases in belly fat; your pants will become tighter and lose around your legs. Don’t get overly worried when these signs show up; it’s a reminder to add powerful anti-aging recipes to your diets.

  • Sunken Face With Wrinkles

The process of aging is triggered by what we indulge in and our daily unhealthy lifestyle practices. However, your type of skin determines the best anti wrinkle cream to use. Dry and scaly skin types require oily moisturizing ingredients that rejuvenate the tissues. Unfortunately, smoking, drug abuse and excess intake of alcoholic drink can quicken the early signs of aging. These practices will activate unnecessary loss of weight, lead to bone loss syndrome and leave you with sunken cheeks. More so, facial wrinkles and lines will grow to make you look older and unattractive. Avoid the consumption of what builds up the growth of free radical agents in the bloodstream and maintain a healthy diet.

  • Loss Of Breasts Tissue

The prized assets on the body include the breasts. After a certain age, it’s natural for breasts to lose the elasticity that men crave every time. Breastfeeding, poor support from bras, hormonal imbalance and gravity are some factors that make breast tissue sag and lose their elegance. Is Will getting a new wonder bra salvage the condition? It might have a little positive effect when aging signs hit the tissues harder than before.

  • Dark Circles And Spots

Nutritional, environmental, medical, and genetic factors are some of the triggers of early aging signs. Everyone has a reason for what causes wrinkles, lines, and dark spots. However, a light skin complexion makes these lines, and wrinkles appear very visible. Skin patches and spots could be embarrassing when they spread from the face to the neck and other parts of your supple skin.

Brown age spots might turn dark and cause an older-looking face to become horrible. Early detection and treatment can restore skin beauty and keep you happy. Women with large budgets use plastic surgery in extreme cases of weak skin cells and disorders. An easy way of not breaking your bank account to look good is the early use of sunscreen SPF moisturizers.

  • Irritating Smile Lines And Premature Wrinkles

The degradation of elastin proteins and collagen have unpleasant effects because there’s always a reduction of skin volume. Naturally, this process brings weak skin cells, and muscles that cause the appearance of premature wrinkles and smile lines.

It’s normal to react with our faces to emotions every day. So, repeated muscle movements of smiling, talking, laughing, drinking, and squinting at your phone screens can result in lines and crow’s-feet at the edges of the eyes. According to an expert in cosmetic dermatology; adding antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to your diet plan can make a huge difference. More so, it’s advisable to use sun-blockers (at least SPF 30), and mix retinoid with serum solutions and apply them on these spots.

  • Deteriorating Muscle Health

At age forty, did you notice any muscle loss because of the process of aging? Well, deteriorating muscle health is a reminder that the body is changing. At mid-ages, men and women lose an average of seven percent of their body muscle mass per decade. The implication is an inability to lift or climb physical object with ease because of muscle loss.

  • Forehead Lines

There are many methods on how to prevent wrinkles and fade dark spots. However, thin lips and forehead lines are the early signs of early aging for people that have crossed the age of fifty. The sun sends harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations that penetrate the epidermis of our skin and strike the cells. Forehead lines, dull skin, and premature wrinkles will build up on your skin. Wear sunscreen protection and hats to block the effects of harmful radiations from sunlight.

  • Bruises Don’t Heal As Fast As They Should

Your skin is the largest organ that has the capacity of quick self-recovery. The use of wrinkle cream on bruises will not work. The skin must heal, and the resulting spots could be faded by creams. However, when bruises heal slowly than ever; that’s an aging sign that mustn’t be overlooked.

Thinning hair

Natural factors like aging and childbirth come with dull and thinning hair conditions. A temporary loss of hair occurs in women that are around their around menopausal ages. Switch to a regimen that contains rich hair care products.


Aging is a natural occurrence that non-invasive or invasive skin care methods can’t permanently reverse. However, there are anti-aging creams for people that crave supple and smooth skin. Some of these anti-aging creams have unhealthy ingredients while others are made from natural herbal ingredients. Ask a cosmetic dermatologist for guidance when you are in doubt of what fits your skin texture.