5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise On A Trampoline

Finding time to exercise in our busy day to day lives can be a challenge. Even getting motivated to exercise is a challenge, and is something that I struggled with constantly, because let’s face it, sitting at home on the couch binging Netflix is so more appealing.

So I decided to try to find a way to make exercise more appealing. I started looking at fun ways to exercise that wouldn’t have me running on a treadmill at the gym and that’s when I discovered that I could work out by simply jumping on a trampoline!

While I hadn’t indulged in jumping on a trampoline since I was a kid, I had very fond memories of bouncing afternoons away after school. But could it work now as an exercise routine? I did some research and found some really great reasons which convinced me to give it a shot. Searching for trampolines was easier than I thought.

So why should you exercise on a trampoline? Well this is what I discovered after several months of owning one.


1 – It’s Efficient

By far the biggest advantage of trampolining is that it’s easy and efficient. Simply bouncing around gives an excellent workout. A recent study by the American Council of Exercise reported that 20 minutes on a trampoline workout routine burns as many calories as running 10km/h for the same amount of time. This study also showed that while trampolining is considered a moderate to vigorous intensity exercise that is comparable to playing a sport like basketball or football, people surveyed rated it as a light to medium intensity exercise. In short, you are getting a strong workout that doesn’t feel like it physically.


2 – Easier on your joints

One of the reasons I lacked motivation for exercise was that I often got bad joint pain. Even when I switched from track running to a treadmill, I’d still experience pain after extended work out sessions. Trampolining has many of the same motions to running but because you are bouncing, some of the shock is absorbed by the trampoline itself. This eliminated the joint pain that had plagued me. This in turn allowed me to extend my workouts for longer periods which ended up great for my cardio.


3 – A well rounded workout

Something that I did not expect when I started exercising on a trampoline was just how well it tones all parts of your body. I just expected to build muscle in my legs but noticed that it also toned my arms, thighs, hips and most importantly my stomach. This is because bouncing produces g-force that goes through your whole body. By incorporating other moves such as twists when you bounce you can further ensure you’re getting a well rounded workout.


4 – Builds stronger muscles and Bones

As I mentioned just before, I found trampolining was excellent for building muscle across my body. My posture became also became better and I’d be amazed if my balance hasn’t also improved. Jumping on a trampoline puts bones under a small amount of stress that helps build up their mineral content.  I feel like this will be beneficial later on in life in avoiding issues such as arthritis.


5 –  It’s just fun!

I still can’t believe how much fun I am having while exercising. If you said that I could tone my body and get fit while enjoying it 2 months ago I would of laughed, but trampolining is just such a fun activity. There are times when I’m bouncing that I forget that I’m even supposed to be using this as a workout, it’s that enjoyable. After a particular stressful day, it’s a great way to lift your mood while also doing something that is good for your body.

So I hope I’ve convinced you to consider trampolining as a form of exercise, especially if you’re having troubles to stay motivated.