4 Things to Consider When a Newborn

Not easy to take care of the baby is still so tiny. No wonder if for some mothers who feel insecure about taking care of their newborn baby, then they will tend to ask someone else help to teach them how to care and take care of the baby. For more information, you can visit development of newborns

Below we will recognize what things are not done to the newborn baby as a prohibition or prohibition that should not be done by his parents in babysitting and taking care of the baby.

1. Drying Baby Under the Sun Directly
Not a few who have a newborn that is drying the baby is a mandatory activity that must be done. And ironically, there is no specific rule that they noticed when hanging their very small children with their performance on the table and placed under direct sun exposure.
This is of course done by families who have a yellow baby Hyperbilirubin, they will negate the activities of the baby’s drying into a priority that must be done immediately because conditions in the baby will continue for long.

2. Do not Wear Powder
Surely, the newborn’s skin is still very sensitive. Therefore, abstinence for you to apply the powder to the baby’s newborn. This will result in the skin of the baby’s body susceptible to irritation so that will arise red spots or red rash. This condition will make you feel uncomfortable so will be cranky and also often cry. Let only use baby oil if it is necessary because the baby’s body does not have excessive odor.

3. Wearing Gloves and Feet All Day
The use of baby’s gloves and toes is permissible. Will, if continuously used, then the child will not be able to develop the ability of the finger and well with good. In addition, the exploration space is highly linked and will be limited.

4. Using Continuous Diapers
Continuous use of diapers in the long term, will be able to transmit infants who have been damaged in the crotch. This condition will certainly make the baby feel uncomfortable, because itching and sore feelings will be recognizable by the baby. For that, change the diaper alternately and not too long.