Month: August 2019

Different Types Of Water Purifier And It’s Usabilities

The water purifier is a system that purifies the contaminated water by eliminating undesirable chemicals, solid particles, poisonous gases, and biological elements from the water. The main motive to purchase a water purifier is to produce safe water which is fit for drinking. Purify water is not only needed for drinking purpose but also in different places like medical, industrial, chemical, and pharmacological. There are different types of water purification methods that include physical processes, biological processes, and chemical processes. Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation are involved in the physical processes. Slow and sand filter or active carbon method come into the biological process. Flocculation and chlorination come under chemical processes, and ultraviolet radiation is included in the electromagnetic process. Water purification method can remove the suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi as well as decrease the concentration at a specific range of dissolved matter.

Different Types Of The Water Purification